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Our Business
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Industrial Plastics Div.
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Our Business
Plastics Div. / Handlings of Plastic Resins and Products both at Home and Abroad Support for Overseas Operations
We would like to support customers’ business operation intensively in the various fields of Plastics, from upstream to downstream, from commodity plastics to natural resins, based on our expertise in long-time business experiences.
We will provide best solutions and services with customers to expand business opportunity through Marubeni group and our own global network.

We work closely together with customers for various applications for plastic resins such as package, industrial, cable and consumer goods.
We are very competitive in gum rosins and various types of rosin derivatives through our network in China,Indonesia etc.
1. Package Materilas
2. Industrial Use Materials
3. Consumer Goods
4. Cable
5. Adhesives
6. Ink
7. Paper Chemicals
8. Others
1. General-Purposed Resins
2. Rosin Related Products
3. Others
Plastic Resins
Gum Rosin, Disproportionated Rosin, Polymerized Rosin,
Polyurethane Resin for Ink, Terpene Oil
Please contact us
■Plastics Dept. ●Through E-mail
Phone:81-3-6891-7506 Fax:81-3-6891-7652
■Osaka Plastics Dept.
Phone:81-6-6347-3530 Fax:81-6-6347-3540