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Our Business
Industrial Materials Div.
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Industrial Plastics Div.
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Our Business
Industrial Plastics Div. / We lead the market of engineering plastics and functional compounded materials mainly in the field of automobile and E/E. We closely work together with customers through our global network connecting Japan, China, Asia, India, Europe & USA.
We handle PP compounds, ABS and engineering plastics including thermoplastic functional compounds in various markets such as automotive and E-E. Engineering plastics is environment-friendly materials through weight reduction and energy savings.
We propose the solutions for customer’s overseas landed operation in China, Asia, India, Europe & Americas in terms of logistics, procurement, SCM and the findings of suitable subcontractors as well as prior overall consultation.
1. Automobile
(1) Interior parts
(2) Functional Parts
2. E/E
3. Amusement, Miscellaneous goods
4. Others
1. Polyolefins, Stylenic Polymer
2. Engineering Plastics, Compounded Resins
3. Injection Molding Machine and Related Equipment
4. Others
General-purposed Resins
Industrial Plastics
PA, PET, PBT, POM, PC, PMMA, Bio-Plastics, Thermoplastic Elastomer, Functional Compounded Materials
Injection Molding Machine and related equipment, Film & Sheet
Please contact us
■Automotive Materials Dept.
Phone:81-3-6891-7605 Fax:81-3-6891-7648
■Industrial Plastics Dept. Ⅰ ●Through E-mail
Phone:81-3-6891-7581 Fax:81-3-6891-7646
■Industrial Plastics Dept. Ⅱ
Phone:81-52-202-6470 Fax:81-52-202-6487
■Shizuoka Industrial Plastics Dept.
Phone:81-54-202-3031 Fax:81-54-202-3073