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Our Business
Industrial Materials Div.
Electronics Div.
Plastics Div.
Industrial Plastics Div.
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Our Business
Industrial Plastics Div. / We lead the market of engineering plastics and functional compounded materials mainly in the field of automobile and E/E. We closely work together with customers through our global network connecting Japan, China, Asia, India, Europe & USA.
Electronic division utilizing both domestic and global network to expand our business not only in China, Korea, Taiwan, which are main production sites for TV, Note PC, Tablet and Smart phone, but also worldwide.
1. Flat display
2. Touch panel
3. OLED panel
4. Automobile (interior and exterior)
5. Electronic device
6. Machinery etc.
1. Various film
2. Various optical film, optical sheet
3. Polarizer material
4. Functional plastic resin
5. Plastic products
General-purposed Resins
Industrial Plastics
Hard coat film and sheet, adhesive film,decorative film(Automotive),reflective film
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■Electronics Dept. Ⅰ
Phone:81-3-6891-7523 Fax:81-3-6891-7645
■Electronics Dept. Ⅱ ●Through E-mail
Phone:81-6-6347-3043 Fax:81-6-6347-3542